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What’s the catch?

When you get something for free, there’s often a catch. So, when we see businesses using the free email account that comes with their web hosting package, we always advise against it.

The catch is that emails bolted onto hosting packages from the likes of GoDaddy or 1&1 are only really meant for personal use. Most offer no encryption, leaving important emails open to hackers. Plus, most of these don’t allow folder syncing, which many businesses now rely on as an email filing system.

Create I.T can provide you your own secure email server or install a cloud system like Office 365 or Rackspace which allows access from any device, anywhere. With plenty of business-grade email services on the market, we’ll find one that fits your needs and set it up with the minimum of disruption.


As your email hosting company in Dubai, we will work with you to ensure you enjoy these benefits:

  • Protection from viruses and spam emails. Nobody likes getting junk emails and ones that contain viruses. By using business email hosting services, you can prevent these nuisances from landing in your inbox and avoid the troublesome issues they cause.
  • Use of your domain name. When you use an email hosting service, you can choose your domain name. Help your customers or clients recognize your business immediately by selecting your company name. Aside from the instant recognition, you can build trust among consumers with this simple step.
  • Bigger storage space. If you receive hundreds of emails every day, chances are, you will run out of storage space quickly. This can lead to the annoying and time-consuming task of looking through numerous emails to find out what you can delete. An email hosting service in the UAE can give you a larger storage space, removing the need for deleting messages to make way for new ones.
  • Reliable support services. With an email hosting provider, you can rely on experts to help you out quickly with any issues you have. If you can’t send or receive emails or miss some important messages, a customer service representative will assist you.

Get in touch with one of our geeks to know how we can help you with your email hosting needs.