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Do you have a plan B?

If you’re a smaller company with only a few staff, chances are that IT issues will be few and far between. But you should still have a contingency plan for whenever your system stutters.

Our call out support service is the perfect fallback, where you pay a small monthly retainer based on the services you want, and then extra whenever you need our help.

With a minimal monthly fee, you can avoid plenty of hassles that come with having a poorly-maintained or neglected IT system. You will be able to reduce expenses too.

The Backup Plan You Need

Our call out support service provides:

  • A call out service for any issues that need on-site technicians
  • Ongoing server checks to ensure you have the latest security updates
  • Backup checks to protect your valuable business data
  • IT Consultancy to help you get the most from your IT

As your IT support company in Dubai, we offer same-day visits by our technicians, especially for critical computer or server faults.

All our technicians are qualified and insured. They will tap into their years of experience and knowhow to provide you the assistance you need.

Our technicians are also available to provide remote software and hardware support if a visit to your workplace isn’t possible.

With our IT call out support solutions, you will have a plan B in place. You won’t have to come up with other backup plans too.

Speak with one of our certified geeks to know more about this service.