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Structured Cabling System

Need your wires untangled?

Whether you’re starting up in a shiny new office or expanding your company and switching to a bigger one, we can take the stress out of your big move.

Create IT has helped a range of companies settle into new homes across the Middle East, so you can trust us to get yours ready for business in no time.

Structured Cabling System for New Offices

Structured Network Cabling for Moving Offices

Structured Cabling System for New Offices

It’s easy to neglect your IT system when starting a business in a new office – especially with the hassle of DEWA, trade licenses, and other paperwork to complete.

Let our experts handle all your IT needs – from the computers and structured network cabling to telephones and servers. We’re here to help you achieve an optimized IT setup as you focus on getting settled in your new office.

Work with us and we’ll even determine the best spot to put your desks for optimal workflow. We can also assist in filling out your DU or Etisalat services forms, so you can hit the ground running on day one.

Structured Network Cabling for Moving Offices

When business is booming and a bigger office beckons, you want your move to go smoothly. You just need to be sure all your equipment will work in your new place. We’ll plan your move, so everything is properly shut down and labeled before being plugged back in correctly.

Let us help you have a seamless transition into your new premises, with no breakages or data loss. Then, straight back to work.