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Managed Security Services

Ongoing IT Support with an Annual Maintenance Contract

If their name’s not down…

People couldn’t just stroll into a party they weren’t invited to. The big men in suits wouldn’t allow it.

But when your IT security is lacking, you’re practically holding the door open for anyone to do as they please with your personal and business data.

At Create IT, we have all bases covered when it comes to keeping your valuable info on lockdown, inside and outside of the office.

Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Create IT is an information security company in Dubai at the forefront of cybersecurity. We work to keep your network, computers and other devices used for the business secure and out of hackers’ reach.

Some of the things our IT security services can help you with include:

  • Keeping anti-virus and anti-spam software updated for daily protection
  • Implementing and managing endpoint and next-generation firewalls for malicious threats
  • Setting up encryption for devices and emails to bolster their security
  • Encrypting websites and making accounts harder to hack to help protect your customers’ data

Create IT experts also check and double-check every security protocol we set up to ensure that no one gets past the big men in suits of your cybersecurity.

So, the next time you or any of your staff have your phone stolen, leave your laptop in a cab or visit an unfamiliar website, you can be sure that everything’s safe.

Don’t leave your business unprotected. Let’s talk about your IT security concerns today.