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Server Installation Services

Server Installation and Upgrade Services

“Would you like to see the dessert menu?”

Servers are a bit like waiters in a restaurant. They deliver everything you need when you need it.

Just like a waiter brings you food from the kitchen and your bill at the end, your server manages and supplies any data that you request – and brings it straight to your workstation.

Servers handle a lot more requests than your average waiter, though. And, like many machines, their lifecycle is just 3 to 4 years. By this time, hardware starts to show signs of failure, replacement parts are harder to find, and the warranty may have already expired.

The solution? New server installation and upgrade.

Refresh Your Servers

A server failure could spell disaster for your business, so if yours isn’t getting any younger, we’ll help you find one that does everything you need.

Here are some benefits of the new installation and server upgrade:

  • Boosts the relative performance of computers
  • Improves consolidation of data
  • Provides more efficient and reliable data management

With less server downtime and smooth-flowing operations, you can save a lot of money in capital and operating costs every year.

The best part is that we’ll set up the new server for you and transfer all of your data. We can even do it all outside of office hours, too, so that you can go about business as usual.

Talk to us about your server installation and upgrade needs. At Create I.T, we don’t even expect a tip.