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Does anybody here know CPR?

When your desktop and laptop computers look like they’re dying, we’ll help you bring them back to life, so they’ll boot up and run better than ever before. We can perform a data storage transplant, upgrading from noisy and troublesome hard disks to solid-state drives (SSDs) that work like a dream.

SSDs are more resilient, less prone to freezing, and with no moving parts, they run quicker and quieter than hard drives. So you’ll see a huge improvement in performance. This particular computer and laptop upgrade service costs a lot less than you think, and even older model computers could be given a new lease of life.


Aside from faster speed, with this PC upgrade service, your computer or laptop will:

  • Disperse less heat. Heat can affect computer performance. The less heat it dissipates, the better for you and your equipment.
  • Require less power. For laptop owners, the battery life of your device will be better with SSDs since these consume less energy than mechanical hard drives. This means you can use your laptop for longer without the need to charge it every few hours.
  • Resist voltage fluctuations. This particular computer system upgrade can prevent you from getting a big headache (and heaps of trouble) when you forget to save the document you spent hours writing. SSDs have a built-in power failure circuitry that backs up data in case of voltage drops. They can also monitor and adjust to voltage fluctuations.
  • Last longer. With this computer upgrade solution, you can expect your updated device to last two to three times longer. SSDs are typically more resistant to shock and wear since they don’t have any moving parts that can deteriorate or get damaged.

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